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November 2019
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Cannabis & Coverage, Claims and Property Issues
By Shannon Wood, Associate, Zarek Taylor Grossman Hanrahan LLP

There are many specific risks associated with the use and cultivation of cannabis which affect the insurance world. Of particular interest are the grow-op exclusion and potential coverage issues for claims related to theft and damage to legal recreational cannabis plants.

The hazards associated with smoking marijuana are more obvious, including the risk of fire, odor, and overall health concerns, but even growing marijuana comes with its own dangers. The cultivation of cannabis can increase the chances of mold, contamination, water damage, odor and even theft. Fire is also a big risk involved with the cultivation of marijuana due the equipment used to grow the plant, minor explosions from the butane, and wiring/electrical issues.

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November 2019 - WP Highlights

  • Cannabis & Coverage, Claims and Property Issues
    By Shannon Wood, Associate, Zarek Taylor Grossman Hanrahan LLP
    Page 8
  • Fighting Fraudulent Vehicle Claims with Data: The Vehicle Infotainment Download
    By Alan Morris, PhD, P.Eng. and Dylan Rochon, E.I.T., Accident Reconstruction and
    Biomechanical Engineering Group, Roar Engineering

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  • Tips for Adjudicators in LTD Examinations for Discovery
    By Michael P. Canning, Partner, Beard Winter LLP
    Page 38
  • Cooking Related Fires Are Preventable Fires
    By Peter Hamilton, CFEI, CCFI, Origin and Cause
    Page 46

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