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October 2017
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Driverless Cars – The Future of the Auto Industry
Part 1: Autonomous Vehicle Technology and its Challenges
By Jonathan Grnak, Danson Recht LLP, Toronto

One thing is certain: driverless vehicles are coming. The question, however, is when and to what extent. As autonomous vehicle (AV) technology continues to develop at a staggering pace, lead by companies like Google and Tesla, it would seem as though fully autonomous vehicles are just around the corner.

Google has racked up millions of miles testing their autonomous fleet, while Tesla has already introduced their “autopilot” function in their consumer vehicles. However, true driverless vehicles remain decades away due to regulatory, legal and practical issues that must first be ironed out. This article will discuss the technology behind autonomous vehicles, as well as some issues that autonomous vehicles will need to overcome in order to become a viable automotive technology, both practically and legally.

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  • Driverless Cars – The Future of the Auto Industry
    Part 1: Autonomous Vehicle Technology and its Challenges
    By Jonathan Grnak
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