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Recreational Cannabis Legalization Part 1: Homeowners Insurance
By Aaron Murray, Partner, and David Edwards, Lawyer, Beard Winter LLP

As recreational users of marijuana count down the days to October 17, 2018, the insurance industry is already preparing for the resulting changes, risks and opportunities that will occur as a result of the legalization of marijuana in Canada. With the recent passing of Bill C-45, there is a new legal landscape that will impact premiums, coverages and claims. The legalization of recreational marijuana will have far reaching impacts across many different lines of insurance, and will likely take years to fully measure and understand. Insurers must consider the consequences that legalization will have on their current standard policies including amendments to the wording to reflect the new law, and potential variations in the requirements across the country. Although this article deals with legalization related to homeowners insurance, there will be impacts on commercial general liability and automobile insurance as well.

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  • Recreational Cannabis Legalization Part 1: Homeowners Insurance
    By Aaron Murray, Partner, and David Edwards, Lawyer, Beard Winter LLP
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