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December 2018
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Discoverability: Contribution and Indemnity’s New Best Friend
By Paul Omeziri, Lawyer, Beard Winter LLP

There has been a recent shift in the court’s approach to applying the discoverability principle as set out in the Limitations Act 1 to claims for contribution and indemnity. While earlier cases applied a strict two-year limitation window to Defendants advancing crossclaims or third party claims seeking contribution and indemnity, recent case law has adopted a different approach. This new approach applies the discoverability principle such that the right to claim contribution and indemnity no longer expires on the two-year anniversary of when a Statement of Claim was issued, but there is a caveat, discoverability.

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December 2018 - WP Highlights

  • Discoverability: Contribution and Indemnity’s New Best Friend
    By Paul Omeziri, Lawyer, Beard Winter LLP
    Page 8
  • The Threat from Within
    By Clive Wayne, CIP, CRM, Cyber Claims Canada
    Page 14
  • Insurer Obtains Assignment of Long-Term Disability Benefits Following Motor Vehicle Accident Trial
    By Erin Durant, Senior Associate and Matthew Sherman, Associate, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP.
    Page 22
  • Environmental Risks of Roof-Mounted Solar Panels
    By Ben Daee, PhD. P.Eng. Senior Consultant, Rimkus Consulting Group
    Page 40
  • The Elusive Vapour
    By Sadie Breg, P.Eng, CFEI, Forensic Engineering Consultant, Caskanette Udall Consulting Engineers
    Page 52

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