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September 2020
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Accident Benefits COVID-19 Edition: IRB vs CERB
By Devan Marr, Lawyer, Strigberger Brown Armstrong LLP

Even the world of statutory accident benefits has to deal with novel issues in the time of COVID-19.

Imagine the following scenario: An individual is involved in an automobile accident. They sustain injuries and are unable to return to work. They apply for statutory accident benefits. They are entitled to receive income replacement benefits as long as they suffer a substantial inability to do the essential tasks of their own employment. Fortunately, after six months their medical condition improves to the point that they can return to work. They do so. One month later, Ontario declares a state of emergency due to COVID-19. The claimant’s employer shuts down and they find themselves without work. They apply for government assistance under the new Canada Emergency Response Benefit. They also turn back to their accident benefits insurer and ask for their income replacement benefits to be re-instated.

What happens next? Should they get both? I am going to say “no”, at least in most cases.


September 2020 - WP Highlights

  • Accident Benefits COVID-19 Edition: IRB vs CERB
    By Devan Marr, Lawyer, Strigberger Brown Armstrong LLP
    Page 8
  • Dark Rainy Roads and Pedestrian Collisions – Why It Happens!
    By Alan Morris, PhD, P.Eng., Accident Reconstruction and Biomechanical Engineering group, Roar Engineering
    Page 16
  • Cannabis One Year Later: Where Are We?
    By Teresa Mitchell, President of the OIAA Georgian Bay Chapter
    Page 34
  • Psychological Testing: How Confident Are We In Confidence Intervals?
    By Dr. Jonathan Evan Siegel and Chendur Gandhidoss
    Page 40

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