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April 2021
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The New Notice Requirement for Falls on Ice
By Veronica Gorrell, Agro Zaffiro LLP

Some years ago, CCTV became widespread in stores. No longer did customers and retailers have to argue about what happened. There was footage. Sometimes the film helps the plaintiff; sometimes it helps the defendant; but in all cases it helps justice.

Indeed, fair and accurate justice depends on both sides having access to reliable and comprehensive evidence. Reliable evidence depends on timely investigation. Timely investigation depends on early notice.



April 2021 - WP Highlights

  • What Are the Best Practices Insurers Should Follow When Seeking Repayment of Benefits Under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule?
    By Geoff Keating, Partner, Kostyniuk & Greenside Lawyers
    Page 8
  • The New Notice Requirement for Falls on Ice
    By Veronica Gorrell, Agro Zaffiro LLP
    Page 18
  • Working from Home: The New Worldwide Trend
    By Melissa Martin, CPA,CGA,FCCA,MBA,CFE, Supervisor, Matson, Driscoll and Damico Ltd.
    Page 40
  • Medical Malpractice and the New Normal: “Hit with COVID-19 during a hospital visit? We’ll hit back.”
    By Jennifer Lynch, MBA, CPA, CMA, CFE and Margot Mary Davis, Lynch & Associates, Forensic Accountants
    Page 46

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