Fees & Criteria

All Memberships (except Social) are $50+HST per year.

Membership Categories:

Membership shall be of six classes; namely, Active, Non-Active, Honourary, Honourary Life, Associate and Social.

Section 2 – Classification

Classification of membership is as follows:

  1. Active Members shall be those in good standing and character whose principal interest and attention is devoted in a duly qualified manner to adjustment of claims in the Province of Ontario on behalf of or employed by insurance companies, self-insurers or government agencies excluding adjusters acting on behalf of the public.

They shall be authorized by statute to carry on the above business in the Province of Ontario. They shall have full privileges and powers of the membership.

Social memberships are $75+HST per year.

Social Membership

Social Members shall be all existing Associate Members holding such designation prior to February 13, 1991 and who continue to retain that designation by payment of annual renewal dues. Social member shall be defined as an individual who is employed in the industry with a connection to claims, but not members as defined by the OIAA constitution as set out in the Classification of Membership a, b, c, d, e, f, g. Members shall pay the set membership fee and be required to keep in good standing. The Social member shall have no voting rights within the OIAA and OIAA chapters, nor are they party to financial information of OIAA or the OIAA chapters. They shall adhere to the governing principles and code of ethics as written in the OIAA Constitution.