President’s Message

Michael McLeod

November 2019

“I think that’s what we all want, in the end. To know that we left footprints when we passed by, however briefly. We want to be remembered…”
Suzy Ross

On October 23rd, we held our annual Past Presidents and Honorary Members Night at The King Edward Hotel. Thank you to all in attendance who joined us to celebrate the contributions of those who helped shape this Association. It was a special night.

I fondly remember the Royal Agricultural Winter fair. My father’s 1st cousin, whom I called my Uncle due to the age difference – Dr. Thomas Offen, was a pioneer in Animal Chiropractic in the 70’s and 80s and was a volunteer for The Royal’s Horse Show Ring Committee for over 40 years. The Royal runs for the first 10 days of November, and I’ve read that historically it has been known as the start of the Canadian Social Season dating back to 1922 when Toronto’s most notable families including The Eaton’s and Weston’s held private boxes there. I was fortunate to attend The Royal’s Gala with my father and uncle once. It was quite an evening. I was mesmerized by the glamourous ball gowns, and the gentlemen in black ties, the pomp and circumstance of it all – topped with an over powering smell of manure in the air. It’s an interesting combination, but a memory I’m grateful to have. Many years later, I ventured back and snapped a picture of my Uncle Tommy, my Dad, and my son Jacob sitting together with their cowboy hats on, watching the RCMP Musical ride at The Royal.

My Uncle Tom was tall, very tall. He stood at least 6’4”, this is unverified but if you can imagine giving a Chiropractic adjustment to a polo horse it doesn’t seem all that unlikely. He was a gentle giant, known affectionately as Big T in the polo circles of Canada and the US Polo Association. I would go to my uncle’s farm with my dad quite often as I was growing up, learned to ride horses there, and how to negotiate walking through a barn. I’m fond of those memories, and feel thankful to be as close to my extended family as I have been over the years.

November reserves a day for us to remember those members of the armed forces who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. I am often moved to tears during those 2 minutes on the 11th of November, as the loud silence allows my thoughts to go to the unimaginable. Thank you for your bravery. For those of you with children, spouses, family or friends in the armed forces, thank you for sharing your heroes with us.

Leanne B. Hardman, BSc. Hons. CIP
President, Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association