President’s Message

Michael McLeod

February 2020

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.”
John C. Maxwell

Thank you to all attendees, sponsors, seminar presenters and the OIAA Executive for your contribution in making our annual Professional Development and Claims Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on January 22nd, 2020 a huge success! I believe all who attended enjoyed the day, and our Job Fair was a resounding success! A very special thank you to Jackie for all she does to make this day a success.

We celebrate love in February. I believe it is no coincidence that we also celebrate Family this month on Family Day. Family vacations were always on my to-do list, and usually included a trip to Disney World while visiting my parents down south every couple of years. This February 11th marks the 4th anniversary of a car accident that changed my family’s life. On our way to Disney World, our minivan carrying two of my sisters, my cousin, my niece, myself and my son was rear ended at high speed by a heavy duty commercial truck and crane on a busy highway. My son and niece were in the back of the van. My son sustained a mild traumatic brain injury. The events that followed are forever etched in my mind and have been pivotal in changing both how I do my job each day in Accident Benefits, and my appreciation for my family. Jacob is doing well, while his life since that day has consisted of hospitals, weekly visits to therapy, assessments and ongoing pain issues, he continues to recover with amazing resolve. I am truly blessed and grateful that day ended with my family intact. There were angels with us that day, of that I am certain. I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day with the one you love, and Family Day celebrating all that makes your family special.

Leanne B. Hardman, BSc. Hons. CIP
President, Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association