President’s Message

Michael McLeod

january 2020

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.””
John C. Maxwell

A New Year brings with it many resolutions. I’ve made many in my day, very few ever saw the resolution take hold longer than a month or two. So this year rather than set myself up for disappointment, or let the demands of life vie for first place on my to-do list; I’ve decided instead to frame my year.

Something new to me, framing your year allows you to set mini-goals, focus on them for shorter periods of time for example one month, rather than allowing 365 days of competing priorities to get in the way of success. I will choose a resolution or theme for each month, consciously write it down on the first of each month and work towards that goal each and every day, documenting what I did to achieve or work towards it. I am hoping by the end of each month, I will have tangible evidence of working toward making myself a better human!

This month marks our annual Professional Development and Claims Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on January 22nd,
2020. Each year the OIAA also holds a Job Fair in conjunction with our conference that sees insurance program students at the colleges come in for the day for an opportunity to learn more about the Industry they’ve chosen, network and meet potential employers. It’s always a wonderful day, full of energy and networking opportunities. We offer free seminars all day for claims professionals that cover a wide range of hot topics and the trade show floor is always buzzing with excitement and opportunities to meet with our vendor partners. WP radio will be live at the Conference again this year! If you haven’t had an opportunityto listen yet, please look for us in Apple podcasts under WP Radio.I look forward to seeing you at the Conference this year! Come grow with us!

Leanne B. Hardman, BSc. Hons. CIP
President, Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association