Committee Chairs



Without Prejudice – Editorial Carrie Keogh Jason Saucier, Emily Feindel Jen Brown
Without Prejudice – Articles Emily Feindel Jason Saucier, Carrie Keogh, Bill Humphrey Jen Brown
WP Radio Terry Doherty Duncan Southall Terry Doherty
Advertising Sales – WP, Website, Links
Jason Saucier Carrie Keogh, Mike Bottan Jen Brown
Media Relations Duncan Southall Carrie Keogh, Jason Saucier Kyle Case
Website Bryan Levisauskas Duncan Southall, Michelle Fields Rhu Sherrard
Social Media Michelle Fields Carrie Keogh, Bryan Levisauskas Shawna Gillen
GTA Membership
Zohair Nassur Emily Feindel, TBD Shawna Gillen


Speakers & Meetings Christine Andrews Kyle Case, Michelle Fields Kyle Case
Seminars & Education
Jen Brown Rhu Sherrard, All Kyle Case
Adjuster Training Jen Brown Margaret MacKenzie, Zohair Nassur Kyle Case
Strategic Planning Shawna Gillen Jen Brown, Shawna Gillen Kyle Case
Bursary Mike Bottan Christine Andrews, Margaret MacKenzie Shawna Gillen


Come Back To Town – 2022 Claims Conference Kyle Case Jen Brown, OIAA All Members Kyle Case
2022 Trade Show @ Come Back to Town Event Rhu Sherrard Jen Brown, Shawna Gillen Kyle Case
2023 Career Fair
Terry Doherty Shawna Gillen, Jen Brown Kyle Case

Benevolent & Community

Charity & Gifts Kyle Case
Insurance Institute / John E. Lowes Emily Feindel Bryan Levisauskas Shawna Gillen


Licensing Zohair Nassur Mike Bottan, Margaret MacKenzie Bryan Levisauskas
Industry Liaison Kyle Case

Association Operations

Chapter Liaison Kyle Case
Membership Bryan Levisauskas OIAA Chapter Delegates Shawna Gillen
Discipline Rhu Sherrard
Constitution / Incorporation Terry Doherty Jen Brown, Shawna Gillen Kyle Case
Handbook Claire Richardson Christine Andrews, Jason Saucier, Bill Humphrey Kyle Case
Ways and Means
Kyle Case
Nominating Rhu Sherrard
Vendor Relations / Sponsorship Shawna Gillen Jen Brown, Bryan Levisauskas Kyle Case


Past President’s Night Christine Andrews Jen Brown
Christmas Party Emily Feindel Carrie Keogh, Michelle Fields Jen Brown
Golf Tournament Joe Cumming Jason Saucier, Mike Bottan Terry Doherty
September Kick Off Kyle Case Simone Cybulski