2021/2022 Monthly Webinar Series

Upcoming Webinars & Registration:

For each webinar listed below, registration for OIAA Members & Social Members are FREE and Non-Members are $50.00 + HST.

To register, click the button labelled either “$0.00” under Member or “$50.00” under Non-Member, beside the Webinar you’d like to attend. You can repeat this process for as may webinars as you’d like (they will all be added to your cart) and when you’re ready to check out, click “View Cart”.

Month Topic Info Date/Time Registration


“Repayment under the SABS – Best Practices” Presented by: Geoff Keating, Kostyniuk & Greenside Lawyers September 23rd, 2021
@ 10:00am


“Mould and Asbestos” Presented by: Oliver Gonzalez, OGEE Solutions October 21st, 2021
@ 10:00am


Slip Slidin’ Away: Contemporaneous Steps to Take for a Better Slip and Fall Defense
Presented by: Colleen Arsenault and Bonnie Clarke, Beard Winter LLP November 18th, 2021
@ 10:00am


“Chronic Pain” Presented by: Blair Nitchke, Black Sutherland LLP December 9th, 2021
@ 10:00am


“Expert Witnesses”
Presented by: Barry Cox, Boghosian + Allen LLP January 20th, 2022
@ 10:00am


“Scams and Schemes in the new normal? Or is it the same as always?”
Presented by: Keith Elliott of Reed Research February 17th, 2022
@ 10:00am


“Family Law Act Damages: An Update”
Presented by: Krista Groen and Lisa Armstrong of Strigberger Brown Armstrong LLP March 24th, 2022 @ 10:00am


“Social Host Liability”
Presented by: Sandra Cram of SCM April 21, 2022 @ 10:00am