2018 Exhibitors

  • Organization Name30 Forensic Engineering
  • Booth #1002
  • ContactPaul Aquino
  • Phone4163681700
  • Emailpaquino@30fe.com
  • Websitewww.30fe.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Uncompromising Investigative Forensic Reporting.
    30 Forensic Engineering has been serving the insurance and legal industries for 15 years and is one of Canada’s largest and most respected multi-disciplinary forensic firms. Our core team of professional investigators is enhanced through relationships with some of the top scientists, standard-makers and specialized consultants in North America.

  • Organization NameA.R.S. Assessment Rehabilitation Services
  • Booth #1405
  • ContactStephanie Burns
  • Phone416-510-2468
  • Emailinfo@arsi.ca
  • Websitewww.arsi.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    A.R.S. is a national provider of Independent Medical Evaluations. We are CARF certified, and have serviced insurers, legal firms, and employers for the past 18-years.

  • Organization NameAccess Restoration Services Ltd.
  • Booth #609
  • ContactPeter Bekelis
  • Phone416-244-9797
  • Emailpeterb@arsresponds.com
  • Websitewww.arsresponds.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Access Restoration Services is a proud Canadian Build & Restoration company specializing in emergency response for property damage resulting from water, fire, storm and other disasters.

  • Organization NameAccessible Solutions Inc.
  • Booth #909
  • ContactDavid Borthwick
  • Phone905-827-1996
  • Emaildborthwick@accessiblesolutions.ca
  • Websiteaccessiblesolutions.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Recognized as the most qualified and credentialed accessibility firm,ASI ensures that your catastrophically impaired clients’ homes are objectively and accurately assessed in adherence with SABS.

  • Organization NameAccident Support Services International Ltd.
  • Booth #503
  • ContactSteve Sanderson
  • Phone416-745-3301
  • Emailssanderson@accsupport.com
  • Websiteaccsupport.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Facilitating collision reporting to insurers, police; First Notice of Loss, increasing customer service, promoting claims programs, supplying police reports, damage photos, analytics tool, reducing fraud.

  • Organization NameADS Forensics Inc.
  • Booth #1507
  • ContactMichael Sigsworth
  • Phone800-380-7908 ext 101
  • Emailmsigsworth@adsforensics.com
  • Websitewww.adsforensics.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Experts offer experience, expertise and presentability. The forensic accountants at ADS add to that value, unbeatable turnaround and superior communication. See why we are “A Different Solution”.

  • Organization NameAGS Rehab Solutions Inc.
  • Booth #610
  • ContactGina Greco, VP & Managing Director
  • Phone647-746-9210
  • Emailggreco@agsrehab.com
  • Websitewww.agsrehab.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    A nationally recognized leader in the field of disability management, AGS provides our Ontario Auto Insurance industry clients with expert medical assessments (including Insurer Examinations, Catastrophic Impairment Determinations), and vocational rehabilitation services. We deliver timely, cost-effective and innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients, while upholding the highest quality.

  • Organization NameAGTA Home Health Care
  • Booth #302
  • ContactVince Agovino
  • Phone905-760-2482
  • Emailvincea@agtahomecare.com
  • Websiteagtahomecare.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Servicing all your homecare needs. We sell and rent quality medical equipment and assis – tive devices plus we also provide nursing care, attendant care and housekeeping.

  • Organization NameAll Languages
  • Booth #201
  • ContactYolanda Majury
  • Phone416-975-4193
  • Emailyolandam@alllanguages.com
  • Websitewww.alllanguages.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    All Languages Ltd. – Providing quality translation and interpreting services to the insurance industry since 1971. Certified to the world’s highest standards. Superior customer service sets us apart.

  • Organization NameArcon Forensic Engineers
  • Booth #911
  • ContactRandy Henderson
  • Phone4164912525
  • Emailrandy.henderson@arconforensics.com
  • Websitewww.arconforensics.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Forensic engineering is our business and for the past 50 years, Arcon has been a trusted name in the business of forensic engineering. We've gained this trust by delivering benchmark quality, un-biased origin and cause investigations of property loss and personal injury claims on behalf of our insurance, legal and corporate clients.

  • Organization NameASAP Secured
  • Booth #1706
  • ContactChristopher McClelland
  • Phone877-923-2727
  • Emailcmcclelland@asapsecured.com
  • Websitewww.asapsecured.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)
  • Organization NameAutoLux Ltd. o/a Rapid City Transportation
  • Booth #300
  • ContactDonna Fabbro
  • Phone416-266-1500
  • Emaildonna.fabbro@rapidcitytransport.com
  • Websitewww.rapidcitytransport.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)
  • Organization NameBachly Construction
  • Booth #908
  • ContactMatt O'Brien
  • Phone9059513100
  • Email
  • Websitewww.bachly.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    – Since 1962 – Leaders in Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Municipal, High Net Worth and Residential Property Mitigation & Restoration Services – National Coverage – Award Winning Service.

  • Organization NameBarclay Damon, LLP
  • Booth #1700
  • ContactVincent G. Saccomando
  • Phone7168583787
  • Emailvsaccomando@barclaydamon.com
  • Websitebarclaydamon.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Barclay Damon LLP is a full-service law firm with highly effective insurance defense practices in each of our offices throughout New York State.

  • Organization NameBaxter Structures
  • Booth #910
  • ContactAmanda Hinsperger
  • Phone416-947-1266
  • Emailamanda@baxterstructures.com
  • Websitewww.baxterstructures.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Baxter Structures was founded in 1978 and is Canada's first family owned and operated structure settlements firm. Baxter Structures remains an industry leader through exemplary support and service which guarantees that every client is given the means to move on. TM

  • Organization NameBay Medical and Health Services
  • Booth #1326
  • ContactColleen Gill
  • Phone905-439-0823
  • Emailcgill@baymedicalandhealth.com
  • WebsiteCBI/Bay Medical
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    CBI Assessment Services Bay Medical & Health is Canada's largest team of experts specializing in Independent assessments, disability, government, employer, legal dispute resolution.

  • Organization NameBDO LLP
  • Booth #1402
  • ContactPatricia MacLeod
  • Phone4162335577
  • Emailpmacleod@bdo.ca
  • Websitewww.bdo.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Dedicated to assisting insurance companies and their counsel to quickly and equitably quantify:
    • IRBs
    • Financial Dependency Assessments
    • Attendant Care Benefits
    • Tort Losses
    • BI/Property Loss Claims

  • Organization NameBeard Winter LLP
  • Booth #103
  • ContactRuth Morayniss
  • Phone416-306-1730
  • Emailrmorayniss@beardwinter.com
  • Websitewww.beardwinter.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Beard Winter LLP’s practical approach to the law and strong advocacy skills ensures our provincial, national and global insurance clients obtain results that meet their business objectives.

  • Organization NameBelfor Property Restoration
  • Booth #1336
  • Contact
  • Phone416 908 9371
  • Email
  • Websitewww.belfor.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Belfor is the worldwide leader in disaster recovery and property restoration for residential and commercial properties.

  • Organization NameBioSweep Canada
  • Booth #605
  • ContactTodd Cadenhead
  • Phone888-426-1470
  • Emailtcadenhead@biosweep.ca
  • Websitebiosweep.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    BioSweep Canada is the Industry Leader in Odour Eradication and Disinfection. We provide the most effective and rapid solution to all odour related claims.

  • Organization NameBrosz Forensic Services
  • Booth #1707
  • ContactVinita Jajware
  • Phone9054726660
  • Emailvjajware@brosz.net
  • Websitewww.brosz.net
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Serving the insurance industry since 1970, our team of engineers and scientists provide a wide range of highly specialized forensic services including: Fire Investigation, Equipment Failure Analysis, and Litigation Support.

  • Organization NameBurke's Restoration Inc.
  • Booth #802
  • ContactGary Burke
  • Phone416-744-2456
  • Emailgary.burke@burkesrestoration.com
  • Websiteburkesrestoration.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Burke’s Restoration Inc. has been in business since 1979 and offers fire and water damage restoration as well as 24-hour emergency response services.

  • Organization NameCanadian Independent Adjusters' Association
  • Booth #1342
  • ContactPatricia Battle
  • Phone416-621-6222
  • Emailpbattle@ciaa-adjusters.ca
  • Websitewww.ciaa-adjusters.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    The purpose of CIAA is to promote and represent common business interests of licensed Independent Adjusters within the insurance industry.

  • Organization NameCanadian Underwriter Magazine
  • Booth #700
  • ContactIan Portsmouth
  • Phone416-510-5114
  • EmailIan@canadianunderwriter.ca
  • Websitecanadianunderwriter.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Canada’s most trusted insurance and risk magazine group since 1934. Publishers of: The Annual Statistical Issue, Ontario Insurance Directory, Claims Canada magazine, National Claims Manual, www.canadianunderwriter.ca, www.i-hire.ca, www.instouch.com.

  • Organization NameCARF Canada
  • Booth #
  • Contact
  • Phone888-281-6531 ext 3012
  • Email
  • Website
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    CARF develops and maintains international consensus standards for Aging Services, Behavioural Health, Child & Youth Services, Employment & Community Services and Medical Rehabilitation

  • Organization NameCBI Health Group
  • Booth #1004
  • ContactDerek Servos
  • Phone4162306749
  • Emaildservos@cbi.ca
  • WebsiteCBI/CanAssess
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    CBI Assessment Services CanAssess is Canada's largest team of experts committed in the delivery of quality medical evaluations to the communities throughout Canada.

  • Organization NameCDT International Inc
  • Booth #1010
  • ContactGrace Dattomo
  • Phone905-961-7467
  • Emailgrace.dattomo@cdtcat.com
  • Websitewww.cdtcat.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Operating throughout North America, CDT International is the largest full service and best equipped privately held company providing Structural Restoration and Remediation services to the private and public sectors for nearly 50 years.

  • Organization NameCEP - Sintra
  • Booth #605
  • ContactLouis-Eric Joubert
  • Phone905 404-0237
  • Emaillejoubert@cep-sintra.ca
  • Websitecep-sintra.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    CEP-Sintra is Canada’s largest independent forensic engineering firm. Our engineers provide technical expertise into insurance-related losses and litigation for our clients across every region of the country. Get to know us at cep-sintra.ca

  • Organization NameCira Health Solutions
  • Booth #1104
  • ContactKaren Seward
  • Phone416-599-5991
  • Emailkaren.seward@scmhealthsolutions.ca
  • Websitecirahealth.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Medically focused. Client-centric. Technology driven.
    Together, these attributes form Canada’s leading provider
    of independent medical assessments and health services
    for property and casualty insurers, law firms, employers, and life & health insurers.

  • Organization NameClaimsPro
  • Booth #311
  • ContactFelicia Galata
  • Phone416-360-7434
  • Emailfelicia.galata@scm.ca
  • Websiteclaimspro.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Claimspro is an independent adjusting and claims management company that has been working with Canada’s domestic insurance and corporate markets since 1986.

  • Organization NameConsolidated Salvage Co. Ltd.
  • Booth #209
  • ContactDan Dziuba
  • Phone(905) 276-4230
  • Emaildan@consolidatedsalvage.com
  • Websitewww.consolidatedsalvage.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Consolidated Salvage serves the Insurance industry as The Salvage Experts with honesty and integrity. Our extensive experience mitigates damage while maximizing salvage returns.

  • Organization NameContractor Connection
  • Booth #208
  • ContactKelsey Zarddo
  • Phone226-751-5418
  • Emailkelsey.zardo@contractorconnection.ca
  • Websitewww.contractorconnection.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Contractor Connection Canada is a contractor managed repair program providing insurers, property managers and brokers with a national network of highly credentialed contractors through performance analytics, quality assurance and estimate audits to improve performance, accuracy and the policyholder experience.

  • Organization NameCore Integrated Health Resources Inc.
  • Booth #1105
  • ContactDanny Stirpe
  • Phone905 850-1155
  • Emaildanny@coreihr.com
  • Websitecoreihr.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    At Core I.H.R., we proudly provide our clients access to the highest quality medical evaluations and testing through a select, experienced group of medical/rehabilitation specialists.

  • Organization NameCrawford & Company (Canada) Inc.
  • Booth #305
  • ContactAmanda Bortolus
  • Phone647-200-6962
  • Emailamanda.bortolus@crawco.ca
  • Websitehttp://www.crawfordandcompany.ca/
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. is an independent adjusting firm that has specialized in claims and risk management for nearly 50 years, serving clients in more than 70 countries.

  • Organization NameCrow Investigators
  • Booth #205
  • ContactJeffrey Crowley
  • Phone(416) 915-4444
  • Emailjcrowley@crowpi.ca
  • Websitehttps://crowpi.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Crow Investigators is Ontario's leading investigation agency. With investigators situated across Ontario, we conduct discrete investigations while maximizing results. We are your expert investigator.

  • Organization NameCRU Group
  • Booth #500
  • ContactMike Laberge
  • Phone6139839121
  • Emailmlaberge@cruadjusters.com
  • Websitewww.cruadjusters.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    The insured is your customer, your #1 priority. Trust CRU to deliver your claims management requirements – serving every single customer to your standards.

  • Organization NameD&D Disability Management
  • Booth #1205
  • ContactJason Miranda
  • Phone4166338124
  • Emailjason.miranda@dddisability.com
  • Websitewww.dddisability.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)
  • Organization NameDavis Martindale
  • Booth #811
  • ContactAdam Gianotti
  • Phone519-673-3141
  • Emailagianotti@davismartindale.com
  • Websitewww.davismartindale.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Davis Martindale is a leading provider of insurance claims and litigation accounting services to insurers and their legal counsel across Ontario.

  • Organization NameDelSuites
  • Booth #909
  • Contact
  • Phone416-296-8838
  • Emailinfo@delsuites.com
  • Websitedelsuites.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    For over 15 years, DelSuites provides immediate, cost-effective furnished housing for your displaced policyholder while their home is being restored. As a division of Tridel, DelSuites offers the greatest coverage in Toronto.

  • Organization NameDirect IME
  • Booth #1607
  • ContactHarjodh Bains
  • Phone18882534470
  • Emailharjodh.bains@directime.ca
  • Websitewww.directime.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)
  • Organization NameDiscount Car and Truck Rentals
  • Booth #801
  • Contact
  • Phone4165642335
  • Emailpnestorowich@discountcar.com
  • Websitewww.discountcar.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Canada's Insurance Replacement Specialist since 1980 offering the widest range of fleet in the industry and service that is second to none!

  • Organization NameDistinctive Engineering Inc
  • Booth #1409
  • Contact
  • Phone416-624-2943
  • Emailmleblanc@deicanada.com
  • Websitewww.deicanada.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    “DEI specializes in providing environmental engineering services to the insurance industry. FUEL, FIRE CHEMICAL, ASBESTOS, MOLD, LEAD”

  • Organization NameDKI Canada
  • Booth #1348
  • ContactAdam Tzarik
  • Phone9058200188
  • Emailadam.tzarik@dki.ca
  • Websitedki.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    DKI is the largest disaster recovery organization in north america handling property restoration for residential and commercial properties.

  • Organization NameDSB Claims Solutions Inc
  • Booth #611
  • ContactDara Banga
  • Phone416 400 8933
  • Emaildara.banga@dsbclaims.com
  • Websitewww.dsbclaims.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    DSB Claims is Canada's Premier Claims Adjusting Firm. We specialize in any and all property claims including residential, commercial and high net worth. Rely on DSB Claims to represent you well.

  • Organization NameDyer Brown LLP
  • Booth #310
  • ContactCaley Ross
  • Phone(519) 673-1100
  • Emailcross@dyerbrownlaw.com
  • Websitewww.dyerbrownlaw.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Dyer Brown LLP
    Insurance Defence Lawyers
    Toronto, London

  • Organization NameDynamic Functional Solutions Inc.
  • Booth #1604
  • ContactMike Cindric
  • Phone877-897-5515
  • Emailconnect@dynamicfunc.com
  • Websitedynamicfunc.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    With 2000+ regulated and certified health professionals, our company offers industry leading Independent Medical Evaluations and services in a variety of disciplines across Canada.

  • Organization Nameedjuster Inc.
  • Booth #601
  • ContactDoug Grieve
  • Phone1-866-779-5950
  • Emaildgrieve@edjuster.com
  • Websitewww.edjuster.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Please us current listing.

  • Organization NameEFI Global Canada
  • Booth #1344
  • ContactMichael Butler
  • Phone416-818-7708
  • Emailmbutler@efiglobal.ca
  • Websiteefiglobal.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    EFI Global has a national team of experienced project managers/environmental scientists & technical consultants, fire investigators, and forensic engineers available on a 24 hour North American wide emergency line at 1-866-530-4086

  • Organization NameEncircle
  • Booth #1100
  • ContactPaul Donald
  • Phone519-573-1186
  • Emailpdonald@encircleapp.com
  • Websiteencircleapp.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    The Encircle platform was purpose built to empower restoration contractors and adjusters in the field with simple process automation tools that allow them to collect, collaborate, and share rich data sets in real time. Encircle delivers greater efficiency and productivity, drives higher customer satisfaction, and shortens cycle times.

  • Organization NameEnvista Forensics
  • Booth #505
  • ContactYvonne Hird
  • Phone647-497-8809
  • EmailYvonne.Hird@envistaforensics.com
  • WebsiteEnvista Forensics.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Envista Forensics is a global leader in forensic engineering & recovery solutions, providing technical consulting following disasters to insurance, legal and risk management industries, with offices located across the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Singapore.

  • Organization NameESM Solutions
  • Booth #1103
  • Contact24/7 Emergency Line
  • Phone1-888-842-8109
  • Email
  • Websitewww.esmsolutions.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Emergency Security Guards will make sure that security site control is established, documentation of approved access is recorded, and all safety concerns are addressed with.

  • Organization NameEureka Solutions
  • Booth #110-211
  • ContactSerge Lavallée
  • Phone1-866-562-2555
  • Emailslavallee@eurekasolution.com
  • Websiteeurekasolution.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Eureka Solutions is your trusted dealer for buying a wheelchair accessible van. Strategically located in Ontario and Quebec , our inventory of new and used handicap vans ensures that your mobility impaired customer will be able to get back to work, school, doctor appointment .. in no time. Our certified consultants will help them choose the adaptive mobility equipment which suits their specific needs, as a driver or a passenger.

  • Organization NameExacta Interpreting Inc.
  • Booth #1324
  • Contact
  • Phone416-222-4622
  • Emailinfo@exactainterpreting.com
  • WebsiteExactainterpreting.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Exacta offers accredited Interpreting & Translation services covering 135 languages across Canada. Exacta’s teams of friendly and qualified professionals are the cornerstone of our robust platform.

  • Organization NameFast Track MRI and Medical
  • Booth #210
  • ContactAnn Cleary, President and David Fletcher, VP of Business Development
  • Phone1-800-265-1359 / 905-628-5900
  • Emailinfo@fasttrackmri.ca
  • Websitewww.fasttrackmri.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Fast Track makes getting an MRI or other major diagnostic test easy, immediate and convenient. Ask about our cutting edge diagnostics, guided process, fast turnaround, and service area.

  • Organization NameFirst General Canada
  • Booth #900
  • ContactFrank Mirabelli
  • Phone4166656680
  • Emailfrank.mirabelli@firstgeneral.ca
  • Websitewww.fgsna.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    First General can quickly access specialized equipment and emergency response teams from across North America to respond to any catastrophic event. We’re here to HELP!

  • Organization NameFirstOnSite Restoration
  • Booth #104
  • ContactTara Morissette
  • Phone4165263054
  • Emailtmorissette@firstonsite.ca
  • Websitewww.firstonsite.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    FirstOnSite is the leading Canadian full service emergency restoration company serving the commercial, residential and industrial sectors, and the US large loss and commercial market.

  • Organization NameFOCUS Assessments Inc.
  • Booth #1105
  • ContactMaureen Reath
  • Phone416-451-0566
  • Emailmreath@focusassessment.com
  • Websitewww.focusassessment.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    FOCUS Assessments Inc. is a National provider of Independent Quality Medical Assessments. For over 20 years, our evaluations have been providing the backbone for file resolution and assisting in the adjudication process in Claims Management. We have an extensive roster of experts in all areas of specialty across the country. We are a leader in our industry – committed to Excellence in our products and our processes!

  • Organization NameGilbertson Davis LLP
  • Booth #1211
  • ContactJohn Davis
  • Phone416 979 2020 Ext 229
  • Emailgperri@gilbertsondavis.com
  • Websitegilbertsondavis.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Insurance Defence & Commercial Litigation Counsel: Personal & Commercial Lines-MVA, AB, General Casualty, Coverage & Bad Faith, Property & Subrogation, Equipment Breakdown, Products Liability, Adjusters’ E&O., Environmental/Large Loss/Special Risks.

  • Organization NameGround Force Environmental Inc.
  • Booth #1203
  • ContactDonald Perry
  • Phone226-336-6238
  • Emaildperry@gfei.ca
  • Websitewww.gfei.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Ground Force Environmental Inc. is your fully insured, 24/7 full-service environmental remediation contractor specializing in innovative and cost-effective remediation techniques to clean up all your environmental property spill claims and to minimize environmental impact.

  • Organization NameHaag Education, LLC
  • Booth #309
  • ContactRyan Holdhusen
  • Phone214-614-6500
  • Emailrholdhusen@haagglobal.com
  • Websitewww.haagcertifiedinspector.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Haag Education, a division of Haag Engineering Co. offers our one of a kind damage assessment inspector certifications as well as tools and resource publications for today's adjuster! Visit us in booth #309

  • Organization NameHenderson Structured Settlements LP
  • Booth #709
  • ContactJohn Welton
  • Phone9055236000
  • Emailwelton@henderson.ca
  • Websitewww.henderson.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Founded in 1981, Henderson Structured Settlements LP is a longtime, recognized leader in the Canadian structured settlement market, and offers a full spectrum of services, free-of-charge.

  • Organization NameHertz Canada Limited
  • Booth #
  • ContactRyan O'Connor
  • Phone(416) 346-6383
  • Emailryan.oconnor@hertz.com
  • Website
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    The Hertz Corporation is one of the largest worldwide airport general use vehicle rental companies, and the Hertz brand is one of the most recognized in the world.

  • Organization NameHVE Healthcare Assessments Inc.
  • Booth #1350
  • ContactBrian LeDrew
  • Phone416-528-8872
  • Emailbrianl@hvehealth.com
  • Websitewww.hvehealth.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)
  • Organization NameIBX SERVICES
  • Booth #508
  • ContactIvi Xhelili
  • Phone4162525959
  • Emailsupport@ibx.ca
  • Websitewww.ibx.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    IBX Services is the leading 24/7 Emergency Response and Disaster Restoration company in Ontario. We specialize in Water/Fire/Wind Damage, Mould Remediation, General Contracting and more.

  • Organization NameInsignia Forensic Group
  • Booth #411
  • ContactJ.P. Strasler
  • Phone905-232-2312
  • Emailjpstrasler@insigniaforensic.com
  • Websitewww.insigniaforensic.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    We specialize in the expert quantification of claims, including business interruption, stock, employee dishonesty and IRBs. We are committed to providing prompt, professional service.

  • Organization NameInsurance Bureau of Canada
  • Booth #311
  • ContactSandra Francescon
  • Phone416-362-2031
  • EmailSFrancescon@ibc.ca
  • Websiteibc.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    IBC is the national industry association representing Canada’s private home, auto and business insurers.

  • Organization NameInsurance Institute
  • Booth #102
  • ContactLindsay Wilson
  • Phone416-362-8586
  • Emaillwilson@insuranceinstitute.ca
  • Websiteinsuranceinstitute.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    The Insurance Institute is the premier source of professional development for the p&c insurance industry. Its primary focus is to directly engage individuals in events, courses and seminars. It offers the CIP and FCIP designation programs.

  • Organization NameIntrepid Investigations Inc.
  • Booth #1503
  • ContactTim Boodram
  • Phone416 636 9686
  • Emailtim@intrepid.ca
  • Websitewww.intrepid.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Quality measured. Results proven. Cultivating meaningful relationships and delivering end results that have impact. We are a national socially responsible company that offers exceptional experiences and mindful practices that are client led, empirically supported and quality assured.

  • Organization NameInvestigative Risk Management
  • Booth #810
  • ContactBrian Sartorelli
  • Phone705 503-5544
  • Emailbrians@irmi.ca
  • Websitewww.theIRMsolution.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    IRM Solution will provide factual evidence based results which will aid lawyers, adjusters, adjudicators and examiners in determining the way forward when assessing claims and damages. Investigations are specifically designed to meet the client needs. The IRM Solution includes comprehensive surveillance and professional OSINT/Social Media Reports, as part of the evidence based solution when assessing the validity of injuries and disability disputes.

  • Organization NameInvestigative Solution Network
  • Booth #308
  • ContactShelley Collins
  • Phone613-296-9560
  • Emailscollins@isninc.ca
  • Websiteisninc.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    ISN empowers our clients with strategic investigative and training solutions, using the Best People, the Best Methods, achieving the Best Results.

  • Organization NameISB Canada
  • Booth #1704
  • ContactWendy Patton
  • Phone905-875-0556
  • Emailwpatton@isbc.ca
  • Websitewww.isbc.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)
  • Organization NameItech Environmental Services
  • Booth #1009
  • ContactRob Symons
  • Phone877-324-4402
  • Emailrob.symons@strone.ca
  • Websitewww.strone.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    With 30 years’ experience, the caring professionals at STRONE provide emergency property restoration and environmental services to the insurance industry, returning lives back to normal.

  • Organization NameJenish Forensic Engineering
  • Booth #604
  • ContactGordon Jenish
  • Phone(905) 404-9285
  • Emailgmj@jenish.ca
  • Websitewww.jenish.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    We provide engineering services to the legal and insurance professions, in the areas of accident reconstruction, event data recorders, injury analysis, and slip and falls.

  • Organization NameJensen Hughes
  • Booth #303
  • ContactEdward Poon
  • Phone437-353-2862
  • Emailepoon@jensenhughes.com
  • Websitehttps://www.jensenhughes.com/canada/
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    JENSEN HUGHES is a global leader in forensic engineering and consulting, risk analysis, scientific analysis, litigation support, and expert testimony for the insurance industry.

  • Organization NameKernaghan Adjusters
  • Booth #1001
  • ContactElissa Nielsen
  • Phone6044883521
  • Emailenielsen@kernaghan.com
  • Websitewww.kernaghan.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Dynamic fast-growing team of professional adjusters with a wide range of specialties and TPA services. We deliver on our promise – Doing What is Right®

  • Organization NameKG Services
  • Booth #504
  • ContactKris Gaal
  • Phone519-732-3015
  • Emailinfo@kgservice.ca
  • Websitekgservice.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    KG Services is a full service spill response and site remediation contractor servicing Ontario 24/7 – 365. Our reputation for excellent service and competitive pricing makes us the top pick in the environmental industry.

  • Organization NameKing Transit MVA Services Ltd.
  • Booth #401
  • ContactKevin Richardson
  • Phone416-208-5800
  • Emailkevin@kingtransit.com
  • Websitewww.kingtransit.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)
  • Organization NameKodsi Forensic Engineering
  • Booth #404
  • ContactSohair Said
  • Phone416-977-0009
  • Emailinfo@kodsiengineering.com
  • Websitewww.kodsiengineering.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Our forensic engineers and scientists provide the Canadian insurance and legal industries with expertise on crash reconstruction, human factors, personal injuries, property losses, and product failures.

  • Organization NameKRA Health Solutions
  • Booth #1102
  • ContactFrank Pascoe
  • Phone416-571-0565
  • Emailfrank.pascoe@krahealthsolutions.ca
  • Websitewww.krahealthsolutions.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Leading boutique provider of quality medical and rehabilitative services to patients, insurers, employers, and the legal community.

  • Organization NameLarrek Investigations
  • Booth #1211
  • ContactJohn Ross
  • Phone519-576-3010
  • Emailjross@larrek.com
  • Websitelarrek.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Larrek Investigations is an investigative firm providing solutions to businesses since 1980. Clients include insurance companies, corporations and law firms. We conduct investigations across Canada and internationally.

  • Organization NameLerners LLP
  • Booth #110
  • ContactLaura Emmett
  • Phone519-640-6355
  • Emaillemmett@lerners.ca
  • Websitelerners.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)
  • Organization NameMakos Health Associates
  • Booth #1505
  • ContactLaurian Palmer
  • Phone905-883-0796
  • Emaillpalmer@makoshealth.com
  • Websitewww.makoshealth.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    MHA offers a wide range of health-assessment services to insurers, employers, and legal representatives. Our highly skilled and specialized health-care professionals provide an extraordinary depth of expertise and experience and our administrative team ensures assessments are conducted in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Organization NameMcCague Borlack LLP
  • Booth #803
  • ContactDeborah Robinson
  • Phone4168608368
  • Emailksnyder@mccagueborlack.com
  • Websitewww.mccagueborlack.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    With over 75 lawyers strategically located in 4 offices throughout Ontario, McCague Borlack LLP provides litigation, alternative dispute resolution and subrogation services to the Insurance industry.

  • Organization NameMcKellar Structured Settlements Inc.
  • Booth #1109
  • ContactJoanne Driscoll
  • Phone800-265-8381
  • Emailjdriscoll@mckellar.com
  • Websitemckellar.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Canada’s leading and largest structured settlement firm, providing resources to the insurance industry and legal profession to assist in the settlement of personal injury claims.

  • Organization NameMDD Forensic Accountants
  • Booth #1705
  • ContactEd Szaniawski
  • Phone416-366-4968
  • EmailESzaniawski@mdd.com
  • Websitemdd.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Tracing its roots back to 1933, MDD is an award winning forensic accounting firm specializing in economic damage quantification calculations.

  • Organization NameMEA Forensic
  • Booth #409
  • ContactStephen Lowe
  • Phone855 303 2273
  • EmailSephenlowe@textilesolutions.ca
  • Websitewww.textilesolutions.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Textile and garment care .

  • Organization NameMKA Canada, Inc.
  • Booth #903
  • ContactRoxy Percival
  • Phone2895218662
  • Emailrpercival@mkainc.com
  • Websitewww.mkainc.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    MKA Canada, Inc., a multidisciplinary construction consulting firm, provides creative solutions to the Construction, Legal and Insurance industries. Recognizing the unique needs of each Client, our professionals utilize extensive industry experience and diverse skills to devise customized solutions. Our Cost Estimators, Construction Managers, Schedulers, Roofing Consultants, Thermographers and Water Restoration Consultants form a highly skilled team delivering a broad spectrum of quality services and integrated solutions to our Clients worldwide.

  • Organization NameMost Valuable Asset Interpreting & Transportation Services
  • Booth #808
  • Contact
  • Phone416-233-5649
  • Emailjustin@mostvaluable.com
  • Websitewww.mostvaluable.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Driven by the people we serve, first and foremost.
    Providing high quality accredited and certified service in both Interpreting and Transportation services.

    NSGCIS-AILIA Certified

  • Organization NameMyKey
  • Booth #107
  • ContactElle Crane, VP Business Development
  • Phone416.553.1393
  • Emailecrane@mykey.com
  • Websitewww.mykey.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Whether it be a hotel, furnished apartment or single-family home, MyKey delivers insurance housing to your policyholders, 24/7 – wherever you need it.

  • Organization NameNewtron Group
  • Booth #1703
  • ContactDanny Fung
  • Phone905-460-2938
  • Emaildfung@newtrongroup.com
  • Websitenewtrongroup.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Newtron Group is an equipment cleaning, restoration & technical consulting firm reducing losses nationwide for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, institutional & residential insurance claims. http://NewtronGroup.com

  • Organization NameNorth York Rehabilitation Centre
  • Booth #702
  • ContactRoba Bou-Younes
  • Phone647-882-2071
  • Emailroba@nyrc.ca
  • Websitewww.nyrc.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    North York Rehabilitation Centre is an independent medical examination (IME) company
    that provides objective and independent assessment services to the insurance, legal medical, and business communities.

  • Organization NameNorthwood & Associates Inc.
  • Booth #905
  • ContactJim McNamee
  • Phone(416) 444-4610
  • Emailjmcnamee@northwood-pi.com
  • Websitewww.northwood-pi.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Northwood & Associates Inc. is a leading investigative company in Canada, providing a comprehensive portfolio of global investigative services. We have proven innovative methodologies utilizing CaseTrak software, program management and accountability systems.

  • Organization NameOn Side Restoration Services Ltd.
  • Booth #809
  • ContactSonia Manson
  • Phone905-474-3710
  • Emailsmanson@onside.ca
  • Websitewww.onside.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    On Side Restoration Services is a Canadian, privately-owned emergency restoration company that assists damaged homes and businesses 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year. On Side operates 21 branches from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, NFLD, utilizing over 300 emergency response vehicles, 700 certified staff members, and 7,000 pieces of specialty equipment.

  • Organization NameOrigin And Cause Inc.
  • Booth #409
  • ContactGeorge Costandi
  • Phone6473932846
  • Emailgcostandi@origin-and-cause.com
  • Website
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Origin and Cause is Canada's Largest Forensic Engineering and Fire Investigation Firm, with 12 offices across the country to assist Insurers, Legal firms and Risk Management companies with all their forensic needs.

  • Organization NamePario Engineering & Environmental Sciences
  • Booth #1334
  • ContactNaomi Myers
  • Phone905-857-7979
  • Emailnaomi.myers@rmsquantify.ca
  • Websitehttps://pario.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Pario Engineering & Environmental Sciences is Canada’s leading provider of forensic engineering and environmetnal consultation services for the consumer, commercial and insurance industries.

  • Organization NamePaul Davis
  • Booth #202/204
  • ContactPam De Boer
  • Phone416-388-3478
  • Emailpdeboer@pds.ca
  • Websitepds.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    With over 370 offices across North America,, Paul Davis provides Professional, Certified Leaders I Emergency Restoration and Reconstruction for Insurance and commercial clients.

  • Organization NamePaul's Restorations Inc.
  • Booth #1201
  • ContactMark Sebastianutti
  • Phone905-388-7285
  • Emailfeedback@paulsrestorations.com
  • Websitewww.paulsrestorations.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Paul's Restorations is a Canadian network of corporately owned locations serving the insurance industry and its insured in all disaster related circumstances. Located throughout Ontario.

  • Organization NamePCA Adjusters Limited
  • Booth #1008
  • ContactDavid Cernak, President
  • Phone800-722-9556
  • Emaildavidc@pca-adj.com
  • Websitewww.pca-adj.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    In the Eastern Ontario region, PCA’s senior claims team collectively drive the commitment, quality of work and service that our clients require. At PCA we will continue our efforts in “Adjusting to Meet your Needs.”

  • Organization NamePinchin Ltd
  • Booth #804
  • ContactJose Barinque
  • Phone905-363-0678
  • Emailjbarinque@pinchin.com
  • Websitewww.pinchin.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)
  • Organization NamePlatinum Suites Inc. (Insurance Housing Solutions)
  • Booth #704
  • ContactReena Mehrotra
  • Phone905-232-LIVE (5483)
  • Emailinfo@platinumsuites.ca
  • Websitewww.platinumsuites.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Why get a hotel? Nothing beats the comfort of a furnished suite and uptown living in Central Mississauga. Platinum Suites serves the GTA (Greater Toronto area), providing fully furnished apartments for short and long term rentals.

  • Organization NamePremiere Suites
  • Booth #1504
  • ContactLinda Chieffallo
  • Phone416-840-9076
  • Emaillchieffallo@premieresuites.com
  • Websitepremieresuites.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Premiere Suites is Canada’s most trusted and recognized provider of temporary residences with over 1,600 properties in 38 city centres from coast to coast.

  • Organization NamePricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • Booth #1605
  • ContactZainab Walji
  • Phone4168155099
  • Emailzainab.walji@ca.pwc.com
  • Websitewww.pwc.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    We provide creative and cost-effective investigative and claims services (including accident benefits, personal injury, commercial losses), relying on our depth of experience and dedicated professionals.

  • Organization NameProfile Investigation Inc.
  • Booth #1340
  • ContactDaniel C. Ulrich, CPP
  • Phone416-695-1260
  • Emaildulrich@profileinc.com
  • Websitewww.profileinc.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Profile has been servicing the insurance industry since 1990. We offer surveillance services, investigations, locates, activity checks, background checks, accident reconstruction services, social media searches (“desktop surveillance”), and digitally recorded statement taking.

  • Organization NamePuroClean Canada
  • Booth #305
  • ContactStephen Coombs
  • Phone905-477-7876
  • EmailSCoombs@puroclean.ca
  • Websitepuroclean.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    PuroClean Canada, a leader in 24/7 emergency & restoration services, helps families and businesses recover from devastating property loss. Our nation-wide network is committed to the needs of insurance professionals and their clients.

  • Organization NameR.J. Shirer & Associates Inc.
  • Booth #1502
  • Contact
  • Phone416-460-4605
  • Emailbob@rjshirer.com
  • Websitewww.rjshirer.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Consulting Forensic Engineers specializing in Fire Investigation, Accident Reconstruction, Failure Analysis, Property Loss Investigation and Litigation Support for over 25 years.

  • Organization NameRainbow International Restoration
  • Booth #510
  • ContactDon Brown
  • Phone226-931-4530
  • Emaildon.brown@rainbowintl.com
  • Websitewww.rainbowintl.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Rainbow Intl. Restoration, established in 1981, is a global franchise organization providing residential and commercial restoration and cleaning services. Rainbow is a subsidiary of The Dwyer Group.

  • Organization Namercv Mobile Claim Support Services Ltd
  • Booth #102
  • ContactRob Reynolds
  • Phone9054078122
  • Emailrob@rcvclaims.com
  • Websitewww.rcvclaims.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    rcv Mobile Claim Support Services provides the insurance industry with a “value added” resource to manage the property claim process by supporting the claims adjusters need for accurate property information.

  • Organization NameRealMed Experts Group Inc.
  • Booth #1308
  • ContactKarim Amirovi
  • Phone416 901 0653
  • Emailkamirovi@realmed.ca
  • Websitewww.RealMed.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    REALMED is CARF Accredited Provider of Independent Medical Examination services to Insurance, Corporate, Legal and Government sectors for Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice and Disability Claims.

  • Organization NameRehabilitative Ergonomics Inc. (REI)
  • Booth #1310
  • ContactRob Atterton
  • Phone416-4567934
  • Emailratterton@rei-ime.com
  • Websiterei-ime.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    REI is celebrating 25 years of providing independent medical assessments and health services for the insurance, corporate and medical legal communities across Canada.

  • Organization NameRestoration 1
  • Booth #203
  • ContactKrystal Fry
  • Phone4165404071
  • Emailkrystal@restoration1.ca
  • Websiterestoration1.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    At Restoration 1 we specialize in water damage restoration services. We also offer mould remediation, fire and smoke clean up and storm response services. We take care of cleaning up any water leak with our extraction service and state of the art drying systems.

  • Organization NameRoar Engineering Inc.
  • Booth #100
  • ContactVincent Rochon, P.Eng., Consulting Engineer
  • Phone1-844-235-8565
  • Emailvincentrochon@roarengineering.com
  • Websitewww.roarengineering.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Our unbiased, fact-based opinions have been accepted in trials and quasi-judicial proceedings for over 30 years. Our reputation is the reason our clients choose Roar.

  • Organization NameRoto-Rooter Water Damage Restoration
  • Booth #105
  • ContactDino Collin
  • Phone416-503-4444
  • Emailadmin@getroto.ca
  • Websitewww.rotorooter.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Roto-Rooter. Experts in Plumbing, Drains, Water Clean Up & Damage Restoration. Trusted and Recommended Since 1935.

  • Organization NameRSM Canada
  • Booth #1606
  • ContactLexa Robinson
  • Phone416-480-0160
  • EmailLexa.Robinson@rsmcanada.com
  • Websitehttp://rsmcanada.com/
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    RSM is a pre-eminent litigation accounting and business valuation firm providing quality services to a clientele that includes plaintiff counsel and defendant insurers.

  • Organization NameSafetech Environmental Limited
  • Booth #505
  • ContactRomeo Milano
  • Phone9056242722
  • Emailrmilano@safetechenv.com
  • Websitewww.safetechenv.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Environmental Consulting Experts – all your indoor and outdoor environmental issues resolved, from hazardous materials to mould management to contaminated soils and oil spills.

  • Organization NameServiceMaster Restore
  • Booth #1209
  • Contact
  • Phone4164335771
  • EmailLschick@smrestore.ca
  • Websitewww.servicemasterrestore.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    ServiceMaster Restore offers 24 hour emergency disaster restoration and re-construction services – Restoration Services – Fire & smoke restoration – Water damage restoration – Drying and dehumidification – Mould removal
    Local Response: National Resources

  • Organization NameServpro Industries, Inc.
  • Booth #405
  • ContactKathy Farley
  • Phone615-451-0200
  • Emailkfarley@servpronet.com
  • Websitewww.servpro.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Founded in 1967, the SERVPRO® Franchise System is a leader and provider of fire and water cleanup and restoration services, and mould mitigation and remediation. SERVPRO's professional services network of nearly 1,700 individually owned and operated Franchises responds to property damage emergencies ranging from small individual disasters to multi-million dollar large-loss events. Providing coverage in the United States and Canada, the SERVPRO® System has established relationships with major insurance companies and commercial clients, as well as individual homeowners.

  • Organization NameSOMA Medical Assessments Corp.
  • Booth #
  • ContactMark Wigle
  • Phone(905) 881-8895
  • Emailmark@somamedical.com
  • Websitewww.somamedical.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    SOMA Medical Assessments Corp. is a national corporation headquartered in Vaughan Ontario that provides third party medical evaluation and paramedical services all across Canada. SOMA services the industries of Accident Benefits, Life/Health, WSIB and Medical Legal.

  • Organization NameSPECS Limited
  • Booth #1003
  • ContactVictoria Valladolid
  • Phone905-332-7053
  • Emailvvalladolid@specs.ca
  • Websitehttps://www.specs.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    SPECS is Canada’s leading provider of pre and post-loss appraisal and consultation services. Trust SPECS to assist with any residential, commercial, industrial or CAT claim.

  • Organization NameStantec Consulting Ltd.
  • Booth #1603
  • ContactLori Festarini
  • Phone226-979-8973
  • EmailLori.Festarini@stantec.com
  • Websitestantec.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    For 30+ years, Stantec has provided services to the insurance industry. We are a leader in the delivery of pollution claims resolution and provide engineering and consulting services related to environmental site assessment and remediation services for property and casualty claims including residential fuel oil spills, roadside losses, CAT response (fire and flood), peer review, and subrogation/mediation support.

  • Organization NameTIAS
  • Booth #1320
  • ContactScott Tupling
  • Phone905-967-2119
  • Emailscott@appraisalservices.ca
  • Websitewww.appraisalservices.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    TIAS are the Residential and Commercial post-loss contents appraisal specialists.
    Providing Insurance Adjusters for over 25 years with detailed content appraisal reporting.

  • Organization NameViewpoint Medical Assessment Services Inc.
  • Booth #1330
  • ContactLisa Rowland - Director, Business Development
  • Phone4165678372
  • Emaillisa.rowland@vp-group.ca
  • Websitewww.vp-group.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Since 1993, Viewpoint has become the industry leader in Canada, raising the bar with service standard excellence and delivering superior, evidence-based, defensible independent assessments

  • Organization NameWalters Forensic Engineering
  • Booth #
  • ContactScott Walters
  • Phone416-971-8900
  • Email
  • Website
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    For 40+ years Walters Forensic Engineering has been trusted by the legal and insurance industries to give credible, cost-effective engineering by highly specialized independent professionals.

  • Organization NameWellpoint Health
  • Booth #403
  • Contactjon Pagonis
  • Phone9058519391
  • Emailjpagonis@wellpoint.ca
  • Websitewww.wellpoint.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Benchmark IME a division of Wellpoint Health
    A different kind of
    Independent Medical Examination company.

    Technology driven and person-centered philosophy – we only provide Independent Medical Examinations (IME). Benchmark provides a comprehensive range of IME with national coverage to Property and Casualty Insurers, Group Life and Health Insurers, Government, Employers, and the legal community.

    When you work with Benchmark, you get more than just an IME. You benefit from our use of a proprietary IME technology platform, professional staff and Regulated Healthcare Practitioners, a management process that is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and our CARF accreditation.

    It's not just another service, it's the only thing we do

  • Organization NameWest Park Assessment Centre
  • Booth #1406
  • ContactShellee Van Der Vinne
  • Phone647-204-2451
  • Emailshellee.vandervinne@westpark.org
  • Websitewww.westparkac.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    We provide:

    * Quality independent medical assessments
    * Comprehensive defensible reports
    * Experienced staff
    * Superior customer service
    * Credentialed roster of assessors

    We’ve chosen our experts wisely… have you?

  • Organization NameWilliams & Partners Forensic Accountants Inc.
  • Booth #1011
  • ContactJackie Pincente
  • Phone416-969-8166 x 235
  • Emailjackie.pincente@wpfa.ca
  • Websitewww.wpfa.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)
  • Organization NameXactware
  • Booth #1314
  • ContactIan McKay
  • Phone801-932-8478
  • Emailimckay@verisk.com
  • Websitewww.Xactware.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Xactware’s full-service property insurance claims estimating solutions unify your entire supply chain, helping you reduce claim spend, speed claims fulfillment, and ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Organization NameXpera Risk Mitigation & Investigation
  • Booth #1108
  • ContactPaul McParlan
  • Phone416-449-8677
  • Emailpaul.mcparlan@xpera.ca
  • Websitewww.xpera.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Xpera is Canada’s premier national provider of Risk Mitigation & Investigation. We provide innovative solutions that reduce risk, minimize loss and increase human safety.

  • Organization NameYorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
  • Booth #710
  • ContactPaul M. Iacono, Q.C.
  • Phone416-866-2400
  • Emailpmiacono@yorkstreet.ca
  • Websiteyorkstreet.ca
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    As leading Mediators and Arbitrators since 1997, we specialize in disputes unique to the insurance industry. Our “Settlement Conference” strategy focuses on early economic resolution of claims.

  • Organization NameZTGH
  • Booth #1306
  • ContactNathalie Rosenthall
  • Phone416-777-2811
  • Emailnrosenthall@ztgh.com
  • Websitewww.ztgh.com
  • Listing Text (not to exceed 25 words)

    Named one of the Top 10 Insurance Defence Boutiques, ZTGH LLP celebrates 20 years of providing deep expertise and a service-first culture to our clients.